Your coursework should be no more than 3,000 words in total Imagine you are work

Your coursework should be no more than 3,000 words in total
Imagine you are working for a city authority of your choice (Ulsan South Korea). The city wants to put itself on the global map through a range of economic and technological efforts while also using these strategies to rejuvenate the economy of the city as well as achieve the tag of the ‘Smartest City’ in the world by 2030. You are required to write a report delineating these broad strategies around the technologies and how the introduction of the technologies can deliver economic impacts. For example, by integrating the various modes of transportation (bus, rail, cycle) by using a certain technology, the city can cut down on a number of expensive costs. Using examples from across the world to suggest strategies (and without forgetting the importance of the context), write the report.
You should include the following elements (the suggested words are a guide – each piece of coursework will be different):
(1) An abstract or summary (100-200 words. Do not count it towards the total word limit of 3,000)
(2) Introduction: Introduce your topic and briefly set out your aims (200-300)
(3) Context, Ideas, and Strategies: Give an account of the wider problem(s) and theories that frame your work (750-1,000)
(4) Research: Using current and, if appropriate, historical sources, provide sufficient evidence to answer your chosen question. You should draw on academic texts, as well as secondary sources, such as news reports, think-tank analysis, documentaries, NGO reports, etc. (750-1,000)
(5) Discussion: Relate the key findings from your research (section 4) to the ideas, contexts, and theories outlined in section (3) (500-750)
(5) Conclusion (200-300)
(6) Include at the end a list of policy recommendations / how theory can inform policy (300-500)
I have also attached a few sample reports provided by the instructor. Work done must be similar to sample report provided.

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