You will not need to include an abstract, or an introduction or conclusion parag

You will not need to include an abstract, or an introduction or conclusion paragraph, but you will need to create a cover page and a reference page, where you will need to list every source that you cite. Quote at least 2 academic resources. Use section headings to separate your explanation of each topic numbered below (you can simply re-type the question in a bold section heading then answer the question in regular paragraph text). write a double-spaced, 4-5 page (not counting the cover page and references page) research/opinion paper answering all of the following questions.
1.Select two countries that are personally important to you (you don’t necessarily need to be from these countries or have this heritage, they just need to be important to you). Compare the various sexual perspectives (attitudes and beliefs about sexuality that are common in the culture, often related to the traditions, religions, and customs that have been in place for generations) and rituals (common sexual/relationship/courtship/marriage/family practices, etc.) in the societies of these two countries. What aspects of those perspectives and rituals do you believe are helpful or harmful?
2.Describe Freud’s three components of the personality. Do you feel they are relevant or irrelevant today? In what way?
3.All human beings have biological and psychological cycles because of their hormones. Discuss the biological and psychological cycles that are present in men. Whereas menstruating individuals are often taught how to understand and manage their cycles, biologically male individuals are often not taught to recognize their hormone cycles. What ways can you think of for how biologically male individuals can be supported in understanding their cycles? How do you believe this support may impact society?
4. Black women die as a result of childbirth complications at four times the rate that white women die. Why do you think this is happening, and what can be done to increase the safety of Women of Color in childbirth?

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