< <You will complete a strategic analysis for the company TESLA<The

You will complete a strategic analysis for the company TESLA<
The research paper shall include the following components: <
A. Introduction: Introduction of the organization, including a summary of long term and short <
term issues in the organization (1 page). <
B. Environment: Complete an analysis of the internal and external assessment environment. <
Complete a situational analysis (S.W.O.T.). Complete a competitive analysis <
using Porter’s Five-Forces model and identify the organizational goals (2 pages <
in length). <
C. Strategies: Identify 3 to 4 applied strategies that the organization is using or could adopt <
and an explanation of why/how it will deal with the issues. When discussing <
the possible alternatives, be sure to include a discussion of the possible <
financial effects (2 pages in length). <
D. Conclusion Discuss recommendations for the company based on your analysis. These <
recommendations could be related to the alignment of lower-level strategies <
with higher-level strategies; implementation of strategies; better evaluation <
and control of their strategies; addressing ethical, sustainability and social <
responsibility issues; and/or addressing global issues (1 page). <
F. References: Use APA Format. <
This paper should include approximately 5-10 references. This will include <
Internet research on the firm and their competitors, and academic research <
using the DSC online library. <
G. Appendices: Supporting charts, tables, and reference information.

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