you will be required to produce a researched argument (approximately 2200 words)

you will be required to produce a researched argument (approximately 2200 words) that will simulate a journal article intended for publication in an academic journal. Journal articles are required to engage broadly with the scholarship in the field, and thus the assignment will involve a significant research component. You will be required to include citations from, at a minimum, four academic sources. A journal article is expected to advance the knowledge of a text or discipline, and I expect your work to do the same. I want the essay to be an analysis of the postcoloniality and resistance in Earl Lovelace’s The Dragon Can’t Dance. The article should include an introduction with a thesis argument that talks about the post colonial world of the novel and the struggle the characters face to resist neocolonialism and prevent their culture from being taken away from there. Explore symbols and motifs in the text that foreshadow the loss of culture or neocolonialism like the presence of Hollywood movies and media in their culture. The body should include structured arguments that build on to four legitimate academic sources (Peer reviewed journal articles) and I require citations for them as well. You can pick any other central argument from the novel for example masculinity and the dance of dragon which will explore gender relationships in Caribbean society. But the argument needs to be clear and well structured. I would prefer an argument around post colonialism and resistance. I require a clear thesis argument that encompasses the whole argument of the article. PLEASE USE 4 ACADEMIC SOURCES THROUGHOUT THE ESSAY with citations.

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