Write at least half a page on each of the followong questions Question #1 – Chap

Write at least half a page on each of the followong questions
Question #1 – Chapter 15 Formation of a Corporation.
When built-in loss property is contributed to a corporation in order to prevent the transferor and the corporation from obtaining duplicate benefits, Congress legislated certain limitations. Using as examples the solutions in problem 509 please explain.
Question #2 – Chapter 16 Nonliquidating Distributions.
Please explain the consequences to both the distributing corporation and to the shareholder in the distribution of property in nonliquidating distributions. Use the solution to Problem 611 to derive illustrations or example for your narrative . In your explanation include the effects of the repeal or the General Utilities doctrine on this topic.
Question #3 – Chapter 17 Redemptions and Partial Liquidations.
Please explain the issue relating to the “waiver” of the family attribution rules, the intent, the mechanics and the requirements.
Question #4 – Chapter 19 Complete Liquidations.
The text at page 764 within the context of limitations on recognition of loss in cases where both “Sections 336(d)(1) and 336(d)(2) apply to the same transaction, the harsher rule in Section 336(d)(1) takes precedence. Please explain along with operation of both of those sections.

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