Watch a concert of at least 45 minutes’ length either in-person or online (for i

Watch a concert of at least 45 minutes’ length either in-person or online (for instance, YouTube), preferably with a live audience, and write a report. (Be sure to take notes while you’re watching). The concert must be a performance of local music from within your community. You may define “local” and “community” broadly to include not only your physical surroundings, but also your family traditions, relatives, cultural background, friends, neighbors, or the broader world of online performances and playlists (i.e., youtube).
Then prepare a 1,000-word paper introducing us to the practice and performers. Your paper will include research on the genre itself, and a detailed review of a spotlight performance or performer.
The first part of your paper will include the history and research as directly related the genre of the performance you are reporting on. Keep this very “local”–i.e., don’t write about the history of rock n roll if you’re really reporting on the 80’s band you saw. Just give some general information about the genre of 80s music your band performs.
The second half of your paper will introduce us to the particular performance, performer, scene, or event.
Your paper should be written in complete sentences and should describe your subject’s musical style, history, influence, plans, repertoire and your personal comments. A recording, photograph or other non-verbal documentation is required.
Five out of your 25 points have to do with how well you relate the performance you saw to concepts learned about in the class. Please pay special attention to this rubric element and be sure to address this in your report.
Requirements: • 1000 words minimum • MLA or APA style • Due at noon on the last Sunday of class

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