This week, after reading the article and viewing the video, please reflect on an

This week, after reading the article and viewing the video, please reflect on and respond to the following questions:
(You MUST go to the Weekly Overview for the links to the video and the article in order to answer these questions and write your Ethics Essay.)
Re-create the John Rawls thought experiment, “the veil of ignorance” for yourself. Take the time for the full imaginal journal and then attempt to write your own set of principles or social rules that would establish a society in which you would be willing to live regardless of the condition of your birth. You may begin by writing down a list of rights and responsibilities for instance, but ultimately I would like you to define the principles upon which those rights and responsibilities rest. (Review the article for examples of how to extract principles from a list of rights and responsibilities and vice versa.)
Review Martha Nussbaum’s list of ten aspects of life from which human capabilities are derived. Are there any other life aspects you feel are missing from her list? Name them and explain why you feel they must be added to a list of basic capabilities which need to be acknowledged and supported by society. Are there any on Martha‘s list that you feel are inappropriate to make part of a social contract? In other words, are any of those issues not the responsibility of society, but aspects of life which must be handled by the individual, or the immediate family, or some other group?
Please write at least five or six substantial paragraphs in response to these two questions.

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