This paper will argue that urban construction will threaten environmental sustai

This paper will argue that urban construction will threaten environmental sustainability and impact the urban climate due to the lack of green space. Please focus on the problem and not the solution. Use a lot of citations.
Outline for the paper:
III. Community Impact
A. Mental Health – The environmental impact on air quality, heat, and lack of outdoor community space leads to higher levels of stress that impacts individuals’ mental health to include stress, a lack of psychological safety, depression, and decreased social well-being
B. Physical Health – The lack of urban green space and environmental health can lead to allergies, upper respiratory issues, cardiovascular difficulties and injury
C. Education – Poor air quality and environment leads to student and staff absenteeism, reduced performance, and deteriorated school facilities
IV. Industrial Impact
A. Energy Costs – Energy costs are driven by demand. In an increasingly dense urban environment, the demand will go up which will lead to a rise in gas, cooling, and other energy sources. This may lead to individuals using dirtier and cheaper energy sources that further perpetuate the problem.
B. Property Value –Green space can increase property values, and the lack of green space will decrease property values. In addition to aesthetic purposes, green space increases property and rent value, lowers cooling costs, and increases biodiversity which can support soil and other aspects of your property.
C. Policy Implications

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