There are many ways that a company can identify dysfunction within their corpora

There are many ways that a company can identify dysfunction within their corporate culture. The easiest one to noticed would most likely be fighting between leadership (). This usually kept quiet, but people begin to notice it around the work place. When disagreement happens between leadership, progress can be slowed. Employees may become distracted due to the discomfort, and clear direction may be lost. Another sign of dysfunction would be not sharing any bad news or incidents that happen within the company (Bayern, 2019). This is a sign of dysfunction because employees don’t feel comfortable to share this information between one another. This leads to employees not feeling like they can share what is on their mind and will lead to a company decrease in success due to lack of communication.
Identifying these problems are the easy part, but changing them is where it gets difficult. Here is where I would like to use a real world example. While working on the farm, I encountered both of these dysfunctional problems in one day. A task that needed to be done before bad weather hit wasn’t completed due to lack of communication. The news wasn’t communicated to me because of multiple reasons, but this lead to conflict between my boss and I. The next couple days were quite awkward, and not a lot was completed due to this incident. A simple fix for this would be to work on communicating more, or even over communicate. My boss has gotten a lot better by repeating what he wants done multiple times. This helps me to remember what needs to get done, and prevents from conflict to arise as well. This then leads to us both being more productive within the day.
When it comes to measurement, it helps a lot when trying to achieve strategic goals. In order to achieve these goals, they have to be written down somewhere (Team, n.d.). By writing them down, people can see what the goal is and they are constantly reminded of what they are trying to achieve. Something that should be measured is company production from quarter to quarter. This can show if the company is improving or slowing down. They can also look back on previous years and compare as well. Depending on what the results are they can then do what is necessary to continue to improve. Now, I think that innovation can be measured based on what I was just saying. By taking a look at past results and current, innovation can then be measured. Based on what has been implemented, innovation can be measured by determining if it is actually working or not. Then attempting to find what can be done to make things better.
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