The research paper is to be typewritten, double-spaced with the length of at lea

The research paper is to be typewritten, double-spaced with the length of at least 10 pages including the Title page, Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Interpretation, Conclusion, reference page. Select a research topic directly related to minority groups such as African Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, Hispanic Americans in terms of race, women in terms of gender, gays, and lesbians, people with disabilities, etc. Then browse the Internet and visit the library to collect the existing data about the topic under study.  Also, formulate two hypotheses. For example, your topic of the minority group is women. You try to argue that women are discriminated in terms of income. You can hypothesize that women are more likely to earn less income compared to men. Remember that hypotheses should be direct and specific. A hypothesis is a suggested explanation of a phenomenon. A hypothesis is a statement of the relationships between factors or causes and the problem or phenomenon under study.  You as a researcher can identify a problem or phenomenon, find the main causes or effects of the problem, and provide the possible solutions to the problem. For example, if you study the problem of divorce and try to find the main causes of divorce, you may hypothesize that lack of communication is more likely to cause divorce. In this case, lack of communication is one of the main causes of divorce. Then you will design questionnaire to gather primary data along with your secondary sources that you gathered to support your hypotheses.

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