The event that needs to be presented is: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 Fo

The event that needs to be presented is: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927
For this assignment, you will begin by briefly summarizing how emergency management has developed from 1900 to the present.
Next, you will select one of the focusing events we have covered so far in our readings. Then, you will prepare a PowerPoint presentation summarizing the following details about the event.
What happened during that focusing event?
Which focusing event characteristics pertain to that event?
What are some lessons learned from that event?
How did collaboration between emergency management stakeholders play a role in the outcome of that event?
You will also examine how the selected disaster has contributed to changes in federal policy and procedures for emergency management and how disaster and emergency management has changed during the past 100 years for that type of disaster (hurricane, earthquake, etc.).
NOTE: You can use the information provided in the unit lesson as a guide when writing your assignment, but you cannot use the actual information provided there as your response. You must locate your own information and cite and reference your sources using APA Style.
Your presentation must be at least 14 slides of content, not counting the title or reference slides. The title slide must include your name.
The following must be incorporated into your PowerPoint presentation:
Include a minimum of five images that support the content of the slides.
To provide additional context and amplify the information on each slide, you must use the Notes feature of PowerPoint (The notes section is not where you place references, though you should place citations in the notes as well as on the slides. Your notes should be similar to a scriipt of what you would say if you were actually giving the presentation to a group of people.)
Use at least three scholarly sources for your information, and cite and reference any information from those sources in APA Style.
Remember that text on the slides should not be too small, nor should there be excessive text on each slide. Include just a few bullet points of text on the slides themselves. For additional guidance when creating your PowerPoint, refer to the Success Center tutorial, PowerPoint Basics .
Keep in mind that most of the written content for your assignment will be provided in the notes section. Therefore, neglecting to include the explanatory notes will adversely affect your grade.
You will submit your assignment via SafeAssign. Submit the assignment as a PowerPoint presentation, not as a PDF.

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