Subjects : Mix of Culture/Ethnic & Environmental Politics Instructions : The pro

Subjects : Mix of Culture/Ethnic & Environmental Politics
Instructions : The project is to write 10-12 pages double spaced research paper on the topic you have developed your thesis and research questions around, based on the course theme, Environmental Politics. This should not just be descriiptive but a critical engagement with relevant literature based on a well thought out argument, a critical and detailed report on an environmental problem in your assigned country. The environment report should provide a brief summary and a thorough critical evaluation of any particular event in the assigned country by showing how such event deepens our understanding of environmental politics. Students are welcome to draw practical examples of environmental politics and its relationship to culture, race, class, gender, and power in any region of the world to write their research paper on. A successful environment report should be argumentative, analytical and follow critical social science method of research and writing. An excellent report is those that focuses more on specifics, shows a nuanced analysis of environmental politics, and displays good knowledge of the literature.

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