Scale drawings are used to help architects design buildings and engineers design

Scale drawings are used to help architects design buildings and engineers design structures. Scale factors are used to convert the actual dimensions of a structure into a blueprint. Drawings can be drawn with many perspectives. Perspective drawings can look at a structure from the front, side, and top-down views. This project will focus on (1) determining and creating the correct scale drawing and (2) describing blueprints from a certain perspective.
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Introductory Text:
To complete this project, perform the following tasks:
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Research blueprints and learn how they are drawn.
Determine the dimensions of the five different types of one-story buildings. (See the table below.)
Determine the correct dimensions of the scale drawing using the scale factor.
Using technology, draw the scale drawing of a building.
Identify and describe blueprints from different perspectives.
Here is your opportunity to create a floor plan based on a real building.
Step 1. Research the length, width, and perimeter for five different types of one-story buildings.
Step 2. Choose an appropriate scale factor for each building.
Step 3. Determine the length and width of the scale drawing.
Step 4. In a document, create a table to record the results. Use the following table as a reference. Save this document.
Building Length Width Perimeter Area Scale Factor Scale Drawing Length Scale Drawing Width
Apartment Building
Office Building
Step 5. Choose one of the buildings.
Step 6. Use software or an online drawing program to draw a scale drawing of a floor plan for the building you chose.
Step 7. Take a screenshot of your work or save it in a document if possible.
EXAMPLE VIDEO TRANSCRIPT ″This problem involves a rectangle that has side lengths of 1,800 inches and 2,200 inches. A rectangle this big would probably be too large to draw, so you can make a scale drawing of the rectangle. The scale factor to use is 1 over 200, which means that the drawing will be one two hundredths the size of the original rectangle.
To find the length of each side in the scale drawing, multiply each given length by the scale factor. 1,800 times 1 over 200 is equal to 9. And 2,200 times 1 over 200 is equal to 11. From here, use a ruler and some paper. Graph paper is handy if you have it, but because this is a rectangle, you can use another piece of paper to make a right angle.
Begin by drawing one side that is 9 inches long. Since this graph paper is inch graph paper, each box represents one inch. Next, draw the two sides that have a length of 11 inches. Remember to make right angles with the first side. Finally, connect the two sides you just drew. This last side should also be 9 inches long. Now you have a scale drawing of the original rectangle, and it has a scale factor of 1 over 200.″

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