SBA Project Background: Being a financial professional in during the digital age

SBA Project
Being a financial professional in during the digital age, fourth industrial revolution can be challenging.
COVID-19 has put accounting professionals into essential front-line worker roles. Whether it’s
advocating for accounting professionals and the general public, assisting businesses to navigate the
relief provided, helping business owners and leader navigate cash flow and crisis management,
accounting professionals have had their work cut out for them this year. Add to that extended tax due
dates, frequently updated relief rules and increase in fraud.
For the SBA project, I want you to think of matters from different angles: a student in this program, a
global citizen, and external auditor, an SBA agency administrator and a politician. In these areas, what
would be your main concern, what would you use your voice and leverage your position to advocate for,
and how would you suggest risk be mitigated in the future going forward. Also, how did the rapid
response and lack of controls, checks and balances, and issues with access to capital and equity affect
which organizations received relief whether or not they were eligible or in need? Ex: Shake Shack versus
your local family owned restaurant. Share your personal point of view, current student point of view and
possible future professional point of view and use examples, etc. Share what you would like to learn
regarding personal finance, governmental funding, banking, and public administration and policies to
help you with the fiduciary duties, advocacy and governance you will have in different roles throughout
your career journey.

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