REPORT REQUIREMENTS: 9-12 pages total, SINGLE-SPACED, this is business format. B

9-12 pages total, SINGLE-SPACED, this is business format.
Block format (left aligned, with a single space between paragraphs)
Your prefatory pages do NOT count toward the total pages, but your works cited does.
You need a minimum of four graphics and a maximum of six.
Research Depth: You need a minimum of six research sources for a C grade. You need a minimum of nince sources for a potential A or B grade.
Your paper MUST have in-text sourcing. Any section of your report where you have detailed statistics, numbers, or other information that clearly came from a source – needs to have an in text citation
In-text citations were covered in the reports resource page, or you can see the tutorial video directly by clicking HERE (Links to an external site.).
Reports without in-text citations will receive a maximum grade of C (70%).
Preliminary (precedes your page count). You do not need a heading titled “Preliminary”.
Title page
Table of contents
Executive summary
Report Text (aka “Body”: (this is the start of your page count). You do not need a heading titled ‘body’
Addenda. You do not need a heading titled “addenda”.
List of Works Cited
Your Works Cited counts toward your page count.
Use main headings and subheadings in your report to organize content. Main headings are shown below in CAPS. Subheads go under the main headings. Follow this heading hierarchy in your report (see example of an analytical report on the analytical report resource page). Headings signal to the reader that a new section of the report is starting.
Headings in the “body” of the report will include the following sections. NOTE: Main headings (in CAPS below), should start on a new page in the report, as a new main section.
Purpose of Report
Overview of criteria
Overview of schools
Criteria 1 (Name your criteria one. For example “Entrance Requirements”
Criteria 2 (Name your criteria two, etc.)
Criteria 3, Etc.
WORKS CITED (Nine sources minimum for an A or B grade. six sources minimum for C grade).
Secondary research (existing research) is sufficient for this project. Research links are provided below (scroll down).
Graphs and charts need to be in your report to display your comparative analysis. You need a graphic for each criteria point. However, graphics should not replace text (don’t use as fillers). Embed them within your report text (see example noted above).
You will be graded based on: demonstration of knowledge of report organization and writing, quality of content, proper citations (MLA format), spelling, grammar and punctuation.
There is plenty of existing secondary research to help you compare schools. I’m listing a few links below to help you get started (you will need to go beyond these sources). You need a minimum of nine sources for an A or B grade. NOTE: All sources on your works cited need to be cited in your paper. All graphs need citations – “source, compiled from (…..) .
The goal of your research is to find data that compares the three schools on a specific criteria point (see criteria points below). You will want to put that comparative data into a graphic (table, chart) that shows a visual comparison of the schools, for that criteria point.
See the analytical report sample on the analytical report resource page, HERE. for examples of graphics. Do not copy the information in this report, or use the sample report information for any sections of your report. The sample report is provided for reference only.
Make sure your data is on Master’s Programs (not undergraduate). The research links on the following page focus primarily on schools offering MBA programs. If your desired field of study for a graduate (Master’s) degree is something other than business, simply search on google for “rankings of schools offering graduate degrees in _______”. These keyword phrases provide plenty of research findings.
U.S. News and World Reports. MBA RankingsLinks to an external site.
Forbes. Business Schools (Links to an external site.) Best Colleges by State (Links to an external site.)
Bloomberg Comparison Report – MBA

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