PS I have attached the feedback below in three slides, I have also attached the

PS I have attached the feedback below in three slides, I have also attached the marking scheme for this work..
Reflective Portfolio – Percentage of overall module grade: 40% in total
This is the second assignment of four for your reflective portfolio. The final mark for your reflective portfolio will be the average of the best two from these four marks.
The Business & Society Portfolio is made up of 4 tasks:
1. Group presentation 1.
2. Reflect on how feedback informed your presentation 2.
3. Reflect on a text.
4. Reflect on your learning journal.
This is the first of three reflective portfolio assignments that you will complete. For this assignment, you will need to identify specific points made in the feedback on Group Presentation 1 from your tutor and explain how you used the feedback when preparing for and/or delivering Group Presentation 2.
In your reflection you should:
· Identify a minimum of two points from the tutor (or whole module plenary) feedback on Group Presentation 1 and show an awareness of the importance of each of the specific points in academic work and presentations generally.
· Explain the action you took to address each of the feedback points in your preparation for and/or delivery of Presentation 2.
· Think about how well you worked as part of a group and state what you think you need to do in future to ensure effective group work. This may be because you did it well OR areas that you feel you need to do better in future (guidance: aim to write no more than 50 words here).
Further guidance:
· The points you identify from feedback could be:
o areas the tutor has highlighted as needing improvement;
o plenary feedback given to the whole class or module;
o comments associated with a grade for a particular criterion;
o suggestions made and questions posed by the tutor;
o areas of strength (although you must still be able to identify actions taken based on the feedback and should avoid saying ‘The tutor said I was good at X therefore I did the same thing in Presentation 2’ as this is unlikely to show sufficient reflection);
o based on discussion with past and present presentation group members about the types of feedback listed above.
· You may wish to refer to specific lectures, skills focused lessons on the Society module class input (including Society, AECT and EAP) to demonstrate your understanding of why a skill that has been identified is important.
· Ensure that you provide clear and concrete examples of how the feedback informed Presentation 2. Avoid general statements such as ‘So, I took this into consideration when preparing Presentation 2’.
Guidance on Referencing:
You are not required to refer to sources for this assignment. However, if you choose to do so, they should be accurately cited and there should be a list of sources at the end. Whilst the Harvard style of referencing is preferred, other referencing styles can be used if they are used correctly and consistently.
You will be assessed on Reflective Writing Criteria . The word count is: 300 words.
This purpose of this assignment is to enable you to demonstrate:
· an ability to evaluate your own performance and use reflection and feedback to identify areas for improvement
· an ability to work autonomously
· an awareness of strategies you can use to develop skill areas
· It must be an MS word file.

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