Provide a brief (about one page) personal professional profile. Describe your c

Provide a brief (about one page) personal professional profile. Describe your current work situation and past work experience including non-healthcare and healthcare related. Describe any personal experiences or situations that contributed to your interest in healthcare management. Project your career three (3) to five (5) years forward. Describe what you would like to be doing and where you expect to go from there. Identify activities you intend to undertake to further your professional development.
A central challenge for healthcare delivery is to demonstrate value as follows:
Explain how value is defined in healthcare. What outcomes demonstrate that value is being delivered?
Considering the HCO where you currently work or one with which you are familiar, provide an example of an effort to improve value. (If you do not currently work in healthcare, you may use an example from another business.)
Healthcare delivery is often described as complex and difficult to change. Explain three (3) factors that add to the complexity of healthcare delivery and inhibit change.
In the text, eleven theories of organization and management are explained beginning on page 15. Which of these theories or combinations of theories do you believe is most useful for HCOs in the twenty-first century? Define each theory selected and defend your choice. To get full credit at least two theories or schools of thought must be described and discussed.

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