Pick a topic related to this course. Search for at least five primary source, pe

Pick a topic related to this course. Search for at least five primary source, peer-reviewed research articles within the past 10 years. You may use the same articles from the “Search for Articles” assignment if those articles meet the requirements and are on the same topic.
Write a literature review paper that includes:
An introduction paragraph, including:
Introduce the general issue and its importance.
Identify key trends or perspectives.
Identify the specific focus of this literature review.
Give a brief outline of the structure of the body.
Provide a clear thesis statement.
Several body paragraphs to analyze and synthesize your sources (articles, textbook, class presentations, additional materials provided in this course):
Develop themes by highlighting major concepts and/or theories, influential studies, and etc. in relation to your topic.
Analyze and summarize experimental evidence (describe the important results from articles).
Explain how those results shape our current understanding of the topic.
Mention commonalities and distinctions in research methods, especially if that helps to explain variations in study results.
Identify and discuss unanswered questions and controversies in the literature/field, pointing to the need for research when relevant.
Each paragraph should include a topic sentence, evidence, your analysis, and a transition sentence.
If you’re having trouble analyzing and synthesizing information, you probably don’t understand the articles well. Reread sections you don’t understand.
A conclusion paragraph:
Restate your research question from the introduction in different words
Briefly summarize your main points or arguments and pull them together to answer your main research question
End with a strong, final statement that ties the whole literature review together and makes it clear the paper has come to an end
No new ideas should be introduced in the conclusion, it should only review and analyze the main points from the body of the paper (with the exception of suggestions for further research)
additional guidelines:
Include APA formatted cover and reference pages.
The content must be 4-5 pages in length. This means that the cover and reference pages do not count towards the page count!
Do NOT include an abstract nor headings/subheadings within the paper.
All analyses must be typed in your own original writing. This means no direct quotes allowed. Please see the “Academic Integrity” section of this syllabus for further information.
Follow the APA formatting guidelines, including 1-inch page margin, 12-point Times New Roman font, double line-spacing without extra spacing between paragraphs, one-space after all punctuations, and in-text citations when appropriate. For additional formatting guidelines, please refer to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed), LAVC library website on APA citation, and/or Purdue OWL APA Guide.

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