Personal analysis (comment/comparison/contrast) on the two films provided. This

Personal analysis (comment/comparison/contrast) on the two films provided.
This paper should react to and discuss aspects of the readings/visualizations that appear to be particularly significant, thought-provoking, or revealing about Lusophone cinema, according to the themes developed through the semester.
This is an expansion of your final presentation. It should include, but is not limited to:
-the overall theme of your final project (title)
-an introduction, development, and conclusion
-the answer to one or more research questions
-your methodology and approach to the object(s) of analysis (comparative analysis, close reading/interpretation of scenes and dialog, personal experiences, etc.)
-a list of your main sources (including the objects of analysis and other support sources)
In addition to considering the assigned readings/visualizations for the week, the paper must also draw on ideas presented in additional readings (at least five), as to provide a more detailed analysis of the work(s) in question, as well as a broader intellectual context. Don’t forget to include a list of ALL the works cited (texts, videos, etc.).
The paper should have a minimum of 2000 words, Times New Roman,12’ font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced, and follow MLA 8

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