Ouriginal will be used on this assignment – to see your score on this you have t

Ouriginal will be used on this assignment – to see your score on this you have to submit the assignment first, but you will need to rephrase it with anything greater than 15-25% similarity score. This could suggest plagiarism, which is why we use it. That means you should NOT be quoting the research articles, but instead rephrasing their work. If you have little experience, or need help with this rephrasing, I am happy to meet with you on Zoom to discuss. You can also have CASA review your paper in advance (you have to schedule time with their writing tutors – https://www.framingham.edu/academics/center-for-academic-success-and-achievement/academic-success/tutoring/index (Links to an external site.))…CASA is free with your tuition! Take advantage of them!
Your assignment for this module will be to research fetal alcohol syndrome through the Internet and through published scientific studies. Listed below are several web sites where you will find information on this topic to get your started.
Web Sites to research:
www.nofas.org (Links to an external site.)
www.healthfinder.gov (Links to an external site.) (search for “fetal alcohol syndrome”)
www.health.org (Links to an external site.)
http://ncadi.samhsa.gov/ (Links to an external site.)
www.modimes.org (Links to an external site.)
Your written paper should answer these two questions:
What kind of damage does alcohol cause to the infant?
What are the current recommendations regarding alcohol consumption in pregnant women?
You will also need to find at least one original research article on FAS. You might find references or links to original articles in the web sites listed above, or try www.pubmed.org (Links to an external site.) or https://scholar.google.com (Links to an external site.)
In your Works Cited (or Bibliography) section, I will be expecting to see a peer-reviewed journal as a reference for your original research article (for example, the New England Journal of Medicine). Your written paper should include a brief summary of your original research article.
Reference citations should be in correct format (see http://www.library.cornell.edu/newhelp/res_strategy/citing/mla.html (Links to an external site.) if you’re not sure how to do this).

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