ONLY USE THE BOOK – NO OTHER SOURCES!!!!<The basic prompt for this essay wil

The basic prompt for this essay will be the prompt that is behind any question you’d be asked in an English class: What is this text trying to make you think?

More specifically, though, I want you to consider the role that the Gardiners play in the text. They are praised in the very last words of the novel. From a plot point of view, they are immensely important to several of the love stories involved. You, of course, will not be focusing on the plot information but on the thematic goals Austen has by including the Gardiners. So, your prompt is:

What does Austen hope to teach the reader through the Gardiners?

Remember, your focus, as always, should be on what the text does to the reader’s thinking NOT just on how the Gardiners interact with other characters.

Some rules:

1. You will write at least one introductory paragraph and two body paragraphs
2. You must include TWO quotes from Chapters 50-61. Additional quotes may come from any part of the novel.

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