One of the most important parts of identifying dysfunction in the work environme

One of the most important parts of identifying dysfunction in the work environment is recognizing and acknowledging if you as the leadership are part of the problem. Often times that dysfunction stems from reason other than just employee issues. It can arise for a myriad of reasons such as improper treatment of employees, values not aligned with the organization, and even mishandled employee issues not handled at the appropriate level of leadership. Is there a high turnover rate and are employees complacent or satisfied with their current positions and contributions. The problems that are presented with a dysfunctional work environment can often be seen by the level of productivity dropping, complacency, complaints, and mistrust. This is often identified by the amount of HR complaints and the biggest indicator employee production. In order to change these issues, companies have to first acknowledge the problem and accept that it needs to be fixed in order to get back on track. Secondly, management needs to identify what the employees needs are in order to get the company back on track. This is done by accepting employee input and ensuring inclusion from every department. Management along with employees have to accept that they did not get to this point alone and it will take everyone to get back on track. Third, clearly state the values of the company and how the plan that will be put in place will address this issues following those values (Culture by design, 2021).
Measurement Helps Company’s achieve their strategic goals by allowing them to monitor what it tangible and non-tangible. It helps to identify what is important to a company, costumer, and to the brand. Measurement will also help to ensure that the company is investing in the right domain and not wasting resources in other areas. “Measurement is at the heart of everything we do; without measurement, there is no visibility, and without visibility, there is no progress” (Moore, 2020). Everything should be measured as it will provide a starting point and ending point from employee relations, customer satisfaction, to resource development. If it is not measured then how does a company know what is successful and what is not.
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