NRS 100 Case Study You work as a community health nurse in an urban setting. Alt

NRS 100 Case Study
You work as a community health nurse in an urban setting. Although a recent highly infective and potentially dangerous influenza outbreak is winding down, you are aware of the potential for a resurfacing of the virus in the fall. Because it is already September, you know that you should be receiving the shipments of the vaccine shortly and begin creating a plan for vaccination administration to the public. As part of your plan, you need to identify the at-risk population and develop a strategy for vaccination. In addition, due to the current COVID 19 pandemic it will be important to understand the difference in the symptoms between the Flu and COVID-19
1) Who would you identify as being in the at-risk population and how would you prioritize
2) You receive partial shipment of the vaccine because of a manufacturer shortage. How will you determine who will receive the vaccine and who will be deferred?

3) You notice that you opened the last box of vaccine that contains 25 doses. You have a long line of people waiting for the vaccine. How will you determine who receives the final doses and who should wait for the next shipment?

4) You run out of vaccine and inform those waiting that another shipment is expected at the end of the week. Some of those waiting become irritated, demonstrating frustration with the wait times and the limited supply. How could you address this situation to minimize problems?

5) You overhear a conversation between two clinic attendees talking about the influenza pandemic. The man is explaining that the influenza virus is the same as any other flu virus and the seasonal vaccine will work just as well. How would you respond to this comment?

6) In which phase is the pandemic, according to the World Health Organization (WHO)?

(* Refer to figure 26.1 on page 626 in textbook)
7) Another nurse at a local hospital tells you that they have a limited supply available for those in the public who are at risk. She tells you that she doesn’t meet the criteria for receiving the vaccination. What might be some reasons?

8) What is the difference between Influenza and COVID -19?
9) What was different about the 2020-2021 Flu season and why?
10) Briefly describe the difference between the Influenza (FLU) and COVID-19 Vaccines
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