• no title page is needed. Double space, 12 pt. font. • 700 words • source mater

• no title page is needed. Double space, 12 pt. font. • 700 words • source material: “Ethical Questions in Sport” (please specifically use chapters 25 and 29) Background: The United States has announced a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing, China. This means that U.S. athletes will compete, but no dignitaries will attend. The reason for the boycott is to protest human rights abuses. Canadian government officials have expressed concerns about human rights abuses in China. Do you think that Canada should boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics either diplomatically or completely? Should sport be used as a political tool in this way? Be sure to provide reasons for your position The textbook link is down below https://read.amazon.ca/?asin=B01FA84Y9Y Also, I want to use another example to illustrate my point of why Canada should boycott the Olympics. Please find a source and use the example of the NBA Bubble boycott when the Milwaukee Bucks boycotted their game in the wake of the Jacob Black shooting The following outlines general qualities of an A+ (>86) argumentative essay. You may find it useful to work through the list when you are revising and polishing your essays. overall structure: £ clear, concise, well-organized introduction maps the main argument £ smooth, logical transitions between statements and between paragraphs throughout the essay £ paragraphs focus on one key idea or subconclusion and do not ramble £ clear signposting throughout: i.e., at any given point in the paper, the reader knows where they have been, where they currently are, and where they are going in the argument £ conclusion thoughtfully summarizes the main argument of the paper sentence structure: £ grammatically correct £ concise £ varies in length and style to create interest and enhance clarity mechanics and professionalism: £ no typographical or spelling errors £ follows assignment instructions, including formatting and word requirement £ citations and bibliography complete and accurate content: £ demonstrates originality £ philosophically sophisticated £ insightful, careful conceptual analysis £ reasons provided are acceptable, relevant, and provide sufficient support £ evidence provided is of sound quality and academically respectable origin £ thoughtful interpretation of concepts and arguments £ accurate representation of counterarguments £ responses to counterarguments are reasonable and compelling £ focus of exposition and argument is sustained throughout intellectual character: £ fair-minded consideration of contrasting or opposing viewpoints £ open-minded (but not too open-minded…) £ intellectually honest (e.g., correctly attributes and cites the ideas of others) £ intellectually courageous (e.g., takes an authentic position) £ intellectually curious

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