Learning Outcomes: 1. Demonstrate an ability to undertake a project involving pl

Learning Outcomes:
1. Demonstrate an ability to undertake a project involving plan, execute, analyse findings, and draw conclusions for an investigation with specified aims and objectives identified.
2. Enable students to manage their time effectively in conduction a project and, as a consequence, enhance their academic skills
3. Enable students to communicate through written and visual presentation skills
Title: Foundation Year Project (1500 words)
Front cover – Include the following information on the front cover page:
Module Name,
Tutor Name
Academic Year/Group Bubble.
Chapter one- (300 words.)
• Choose a topic and an organisation.
• Introduction/background – a brief explanation of your chosen topic and background of the company (100 words)
• State the aim- only 1 aim (one sentence statement-25 words).
• State Objectives of the research- 3 objectives only and must link to the aim. The objectives should indicate the intended research methodology. (50 words)
• Define the research problem- brief paragraph of the main issues relating to the research topic. (75 words)
• Outline the research questions- 4 research questions only. The questions should enable you to achieve your objectives (50 words)
• Chapter two
Methodology-(300 words)
Outline how you intend to collect data (Research Methodology 200 words)
Show timeline towards completion of the project- Gantt chart or table showing timelines. (100 words.)
Chapter 3
Literature review
• Read and gather information on your topic from a minimum of 15 sources (books, published Journals/articles, internet, etc-(300 words.)
Chapter 4:
Carryout your research using secondary data only (500words)
• Present your findings using tables, charts, and diagrams (250 words)
• Analyse and summarise your findings using secondary research methods (250 words).
Chapter 5
Conclusion (100 words.)
References- list all sources you have cited in the report here in alphabetical order.
Appendix (optional)-includes all other materials not directly included in the report, but these must be referenced in the report. For example, see Appendix 1
Make sure you have in-text citations in the body of your project which can be found in your full references list.

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