Justice and “Pauper Management”: Consider Jeremy’s Bentham’s “pauper management”

Justice and “Pauper Management”: Consider Jeremy’s Bentham’s “pauper management” proposal—i.e., his plan to clear “beggars” off the streets and put them to work in workhouse. (Note: This is only discussed in my video lecture for Ethics, Part 1— it is not discussed in the textbook.) Then answer the following questions:
a. Briefly describe Bentham’s proposal, making sure to include all relevant details. Then explain why Bentham, as a utilitarian, thought this plan was morally justified (making sure to describe his reasoning process as a utilitarian).
b. Explain, as clearly as you can, why some may argue that Bentham’s utilitarian justification of this proposal demonstrates the problem of injustice for utilitarianism.
c. Now, consider how a Kantian would judge this proposal. Would a Kantian believe that this proposal is morally justified? Explain as clearly as you can, using one of the formulations of Kant’s Categorical Imperative. Does the Kantian’s response offer a solution to the problem of injustice? Explain.
d. Lastly, what do you think? Which perspective—utilitarian or Kantian—do you favor in respect to this problem, and why? Support your response with a well-reasoned argument.

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