Interagency/Interorganizational cooperation can be inherent to accomplish the mi

Interagency/Interorganizational cooperation can be inherent to accomplish the mission. Interaction between specific organizational groups may often be natural and deliberate to
accomplish mutually desired interests while at other times, an unnatural and strained challenge due to the friction over conflicting interests. Thus at times, understanding an organization’s task and purpose while you share space can give you critical insight that may aid in achieving mission
success. For this week’s assignment, you will produce a 751-1200 word essay describing each category of organization (Interagency (IA), Intergovernmental Organizations (IGO), and Nongovernmental
Organizations (NGO)) and then give an example of each. You will select one organization from each of these groups and describe their purpose. You will also consider the advantages and
disadvantages for SOF or DoD working with that specific organization you have chosen. Write your essay in the third person narrative, reflect on any experiences you have had, use the
online presentation and lesson material, or conduct research to identify advantages and disadvantages of working with these organizational partners. Consider what methods or
resources are in place to improve collaboration, coordination and cooperation between these organizations. As an analytic tool, consider utilizing some of Meinhart’s thinking lenses to showcase how they can be applied. Review and utilize the provided APA formatted template for the assignment guidelines and requirements.

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