In JAVA. College student report with StudentID and name. In Java programming. -A

In JAVA. College student report with StudentID and name. In Java programming.
-A section can have up to 25 students-
There are two files:
Students.txt: Contains student last name, first name, and ID number
Scores.txt: Contains student ID number and test scores
You will open each file and read the information into their respective classes/arrays
For each student, you will calculate their lowest score, their highest score, their average, and their grade.
For each quiz, you will calculate the lowest score, the highest score, and the average
You will create and print an Honor Role. The Honor Role comprises students who received an ‘A’ grade.
You will need to read in the student data first and then read in the scores.
You will display the information as shown near the end of this document
You will need to create at least the following:
Class PartiallyFilledArray
Class Student
Class Section
studentIDArray (Array of students enrolled in the course)
scoresArray(Array of student scores. FIRST element is student ID)
Class college
contains a static method that calculates grade given an average.
Call the method averageToGrade
Class PrintReport
This will be the only application Class (ie, the only one with main() )
You will have to have a simple search functions that use studentID as an arugment.
Classes must have toString and equals methods.
Sort the output on student ID
Sort the output on student last name

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