Imagine that you are the principal of a middle school. You are under pressure fr

Imagine that you are the principal of a middle school. You are under pressure from the community because the reading scores on standardized tests of your students have declined in recent years. In your position, you are able to directly influence school policy and practice. At the same time, as an educational leader in the community, your advice is sought by parents and others. You are asked to write an article for the local newspaper, with the title “Thinking, Learning and Literacy in the Internet Age” that addresses the question of balancing traditional reading and time on the internet.
In doing research on this topic, you find two relevant articles: Literacy Debate: “Online, R U Really Reading?” and “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” In addition, you remember information from your psychology class about learning and thinking.
Write an article for the newspaper discussing the conflicting perspectives surrounding thinking, learning, literacy in the internet age. You may want to take a side/position, but always talk about both sides to the story. Then make recommendations about what schools and parents should do that is in the best interest of students to help improve reading levels and test scores. Make sure to incorporate information from the articles above AND information from the text to support your ideas and recommendations.

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