)Identify a social or political conflict and present two ethical theories as pos

)Identify a social or political conflict and present two ethical theories as possible solutions. (this is my research topic from PHILOSOPHY 240).<
And the last paragraph is all about instruction.<
Compose an original essay (750 words minimum). Clearly employ a line of philosophical reflection applied to the issue raised by the topic. Expound upon your position employing philosophical arguments, theories, and understandings that you acquired in this course. Consider other cultures or traditions, recognizing the diverse conceptions of human nature in your response.<
1) Develop a clear philosophical position on each topic. <
2) Include ethical theories in your discussion.<
3) You must refer to and cite at least three(3) philosophers or philosophical theories covered in this course.<
4) Include 3-4 academic sources to be included on the Reference page.<
NOTE: Wikipedia is NOT an academic source! Please utilize the research/reference department at the library for assistance as appropriate. The title page and Reference Page are NOT a part of the word count.<
My book name is: The Elements of Moral Philosophy (by James Rachels) Editions 5-9 by Stuart Rachels.<
Only Academic sources, and three to four ethical theories. My due is only tomorrow so I want only this time. No late, okay.

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