Identify a recent development project in the area in which you live or work. Thi

Identify a recent development project in the area in which you live or work. This should be of a scale of your choice but which includes sufficient issues for you to explore in accordance with the requirements below. Use this scheme to underpin your portfolio. Create a portfolio with the following elements:
– A historical overview of the area and site and an overview of the development scheme
– A critical analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the area from the social, environmental and economic perspectives
– A brief description of the planning system and process that would have been associated with bringing the scheme to fruition
– Present a critical analysis of the scheme having regard to appropriate planning considerations
– Present recommendations for how the scheme could have been improved and identify how this could have been achieved
– Your work must be presented using a timed Microsoft PowerPoint. This can be submitted using a PowerPoint file with an embedded audio file presentation. Your presentation should last for 15 minutes in total when viewed. This is a maximum running time. You must also submit with your presentation a script (or script framework) in words at the end of your PowerPoint presentation.
Your work should be visual in character, using photographs, imagery and plans. It should be supported by brief and appropriate text on the sides and, most importantly, your audio discussion. Your verbal presentation needs to be embedded into the PowerPoint so that it will ‘play’ as an automated presentation when viewed if you plan to upload the PowerPoint as a file. Please note that the audio presentation and discussion should not just be reading out of the notes on the slide, but should be a complete and effective verbal presentation as if being given to an audience.
You need to attach an your script along with the presentation.

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