I have uploaded my work and you have to write a report based on the work I have

I have uploaded my work and you have to write a report based on the work I have done. let me know if you have any questions
A clear problem statement: This problem should address a real education/learning need instead, but it can be fictional based on your own experience. If you are going to work on an “unreal” or “made-up” problem, provide as much context as possible so that the problem is meaningful to you.
A brief “review” of similar analyses in the literature: This does not have to be a full literature review, but you may want to search around and see if a similar problem has been addressed by others
A clear analysis plan: What method(s) are you going to use to address this problem. This may include data source, data collection, data preparation/cleaning, analytical method(s), etc. depending on the scope of your project.
A brief discussion section about what results in you expect to see or will be looking for, the implications of results, possible challenges, potential limitations, etc.
If you run actual analyses, then you will need to include a result section about your findings before the discussion section.
Appendices if applicable (e.g., dataset, codes).
The purpose of this assignment is not to ask you to show off your coding skills. It is designed to help you link real-world problems with analytical “weapons” we have explored this semester. You may want to read/re-read what I have posted in Week 2 Readings.(reading)
it has to have a clear problem and a reasonable analytical plan
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