I have to turn an already submitted persuasive essay into a 5 page research pape

I have to turn an already submitted persuasive essay into a 5 page research paper with citation. The essay may not be the greatest but it earned me a B. Below is the original persuasive essay.
The covid 19 vaccine should not be mandatory
Teachers, doctors, nurses, and firefighters, among other people who are essential to our everyday lives are losing their jobs at an alarming rate! The reason for this is the recent mandates for the covid 19 vaccine. There are staffing shortages everywhere, we are losing those who hold the most respected positions in our communities, all because the government feels its best for us to take a new vaccine without any long-term research. They want to mandate the children to have it to attend schools, but This vaccine was put into effect in under 1 year from the time they started working on it. “The first vaccines were developed, tested and given emergency use authorization all in 11 months” according to a “Science News” article dated 6/29/2021 when explaining the development process of said vaccine. Prior to that the fastest developed vaccine was for mumps, and that took 4 years to develop. But other than that, vaccines usually take years, sometimes even decades to even get to the point of human trial, so how was this done so quickly and efficiently, and why can’t it be the norm? 
The covid 19 vaccine was put into place because of the monumental effects the virus had on the world population, we can’t deny this virus hit us like a ton of bricks, and I am not even taking an anti-vaccine stance here, but shouldn’t we be able to make this decision for ourselves as individuals? The lawmakers don’t seem to think so. Approximately 34,000 healthcare workers have lost their jobs or quit over the vaccine mandate in New York state alone. What does that say about our healthcare system? Sure, they can hire new Doctors, and nurses etc. eventually, but the ones who held true value, with years of knowledge and experience are being pushed out. Of course, patient car will suffer because of the shortages. How many people will die because there just weren’t enough medical professionals to take care of them in their time of need? 
 The covid 19 vaccine should be mandatory. How is it ok to take away our free will when there is evidence that those who choose not to be vaccinated do not pose a public risk to those who are vaccinated. According to the CDC website, “out of all fully vaccinated people, only about 0.1% will get a breakthrough covid-19 infection” It is their own poor medical choice and should be treated as such just like smoking and drinking, both cause a multitude of health problems and death but there is no public outcry to ban tobacco and alcohol. In Ny state, you can’t go to any type of events or even dine in a restaurant without proof of a vaccination, imagine that, walking into a restaurant and having to show a medical record to the staff before being seated, it violates our rights in so many ways.
Some people already have a natural immunity from prior covid infections. Natural immunity is a whole immunity not only to the spike proteins in the vaccine and forcing those with this natural immunity to take the vaccine has no benefits. It is widely known that covid 19 rarely affects our children and those who do catch it without existing comorbidities are able to fight it off like the common cold or a mild flu case. It’s also a fact that there is a large risk that people aged 25 and under can suffer from myocarditis, inflammation of the heart muscle, after the 2nd dose of the vaccine, which leaves me to believe that maybe they don’t have the dosage right for these young people. The point is that there is just not enough research to be mandating the entire population into taking this vaccine. For those who are at high risk, the benefits outweigh the risks, and they absolutely should get vaccinated, but for the general population, it should be our choice, even if that means weekly testing, at least it’s another option. So, I do not believe the covid 19 vaccine should be mandated, do you?

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