*Research print-on-demand (POD) or aggregator vendors to assist with distribution of your self-published content. * Develop a marketing plan, including a brand, identification of a target market, and appropriate use of Web 2.0 strategies. * Devise an appropriate price point and unit-sale goals. * Utilize a traditional business plan template to format the business strategy.
Authors, composers, game designers, television producers and filmmakers who decide not to pursue a traditional route or, in an effort to secure an agent or deal wish to establish a prior record of sales, often consider a self-publishing/producing and distribution strategy.
Now it’s your chance to show off what you’ve learned and create a formal business strategy for the self-publishing, promotion, distribution and and release of your chosen creative content that you developed in Projects One and Two. Here, you will discover how to release this same content on your own, without the need for a traditional publishing deal. For this project, use the Business Strategy Template provided. Feel free to use additional outside resources, as well, if appropriate.
1. For this assignment, you will research and write a formal business strategy in which to digitally self-publish, promote, distribute and merchandise your own print media, music, or audiovisual content.  Using the Business Strategy Template provided, design your self-publishing and distribution roadmap for release of your creative content. The Strategy may incorporate business plan elements developed in prior courses if related to the student’s same business plan or model, and you may re-use material from Projects One and Two to discuss your creative content. At a minimum, the Strategy Project must include information on each of the following: Mission, Executive Summary, Company Description, Product, Manufacturing and Distribution Strategy, and Marketing and Promotion Strategy.
2. There is no page requirement, but a range between 3-10 pages is common. Of course, the more details and content a student provides, the better the grade. For this project, you are welcome to create a fictitious publishing or production company if you do not intend to actually use this strategy for your Final Project. It is expected that you will use the same creative content developed previously in Projects One and Two.
3. You will use the same creative content that you developed previously in Projects One and Two. As you conduct your research, consider the following: * Who is your potential audience? * Can you keep your copyright? * Is the deal exclusive? * What royalty rates will you receive? * What wholesale and retail distribution channels will your POD or aggregator offer?
A professionally-written business strategy that identifies the creative content, including its mission, creator, and self-publisher; the selection of an appropriate POD or aggregator, including a discussion of applicable wholesale and retail distribution channels and royalties; an effective marketing strategy, including identification of the market, brand, licensing and/or merchandising options; and a conclusion with closing or summary remarks.
Project 3 (Self-Publishing Strategy), you’ll need to base it on this book instead of TV.

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