Please watch the video and :Compare what I say with other sources, like Wikipedia, textbooks (even the
chapters I put on Blackboard), or whatever you find on the Internet.
3. Make a list of mistakes I make (if any) and of suggested improvements.
Possible suggestions could be:
• Fixes to mistakes.
• Adding material that you found elsewhere that sounds interesting or
important and that I don’t talk about.
• Pointing out a source that says something different from what I say.
• Any otherspecific suggestion that you think would improve the lessons.
4. Put everything in a Word document and submit it on Blackboard.
Suggestions for improvement must be specific not just “this was not interesting”
or “this is better on the Wikipedia page.” A specific suggestion sounds looks like
“Two minutes into lesson X you talk about Y, but you don’t mention Z, which
this Wikipedia says it’s important in the context of Y,” or like “3 minutes and 25
seconds into lesson X you present a graph, but the vertical axis has a the wrong
label. The correct label should be. . . ”
PLEASE ADD SOURCES TOO – very short assignment – a paragraph works

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