Hinai Jones has an easement allowing him to use the neighbor’s driveway in order

Hinai Jones has an easement allowing him to use the neighbor’s driveway in order to access his property. His neighbor Bob Alan decided that he needed a wall flowing up the driveway which ran at the top of the perimeter of Hinai’s property line. On September 1, Bob called Hinai and told him he was going to contract to have a brick wall installed at the top of Hinai’s property. Bob asked him if he had any problem with the wall being built. Hinai responded that he trusted Bob to choose a good contractor and make it visually appealing. Bob subsequently hired a bricklaying contractor to build the wall. On November 1, Hinai received a statement saying he owed the Carolton Bricklayers Co. $4,500, or half the balance of the brick wall construction project, and that this payment was overdue. Hinai thought it was a clerical error and subsequently ignored the notice. On December 1, Carolton Bricklayers Co. put a mechanics’ lien on Hinai Jones’s property. Hinai took this case to court.
Summarize the facts of this scenario case.
Explain whether the mechanics’ lien will stand or be rejected by the court based on precedent.
Explain how you think the courts would rule on this scenario case based on precedent. (See court decisions at the end of Chapter 1.)
Respond in a minimum of 300 words in a Microsoft® Word® document with additional title and reference pages in current APA format. (You can access APA assistance in the Unit 1 Reading area.) Be sure to check spelling and grammar before submitting your response to the Unit 1 Assignment Dropbox.

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