Hello, The title of my research project is “Occupational therapy interventions f

The title of my research project is “Occupational therapy interventions for older adults in care home settings which support occupational engagement: a Scoping Review” . The whole research project has to be done in an scoping review format. I have found all the articles, so I just need you to write it all up for me please in a scoping review format please.
– I have attached all the information they have provided us including a step by step manual.
– I have attached the protocol needed.
– For the introduction it has to include social, policial and theoretical factors.
– I have also included an example scoping review they provided us with
– We as a group have found the ARTICLES that need to be included – I have attached these in a word document, if you want assess to my covidence to see get assess to all articles that must be included please let me know.
– I have also attached how we found each article in the search strategy table so you will be able to write the methodology part for me please. Can you please make me more advance tables, primsa also please.
– In the methodology part can you please mention we used JBI screening tool to critical appraise articles as this is how they want the articles appraised.
-it’s is a uk paper so uk polices legislation only please
If you have any questions please just send me a text so I can answer them.
I was very happy with my paper during the summer so am delighted to be using your skills again. Thank you very much

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