Hello, basically the assignment is about managing they caused and sticking to 45

basically the assignment is about managing they caused and sticking to 45 million budgets while the activity that need to be done on the 109 schools can reach over 60 millions to get them in perfect position as they are currently damaged and in a bad condition. if you do the introduction of the case study will get the information that you need to get this started for me. and the second attached photo it says in the assessmentt criteria that asset management strategy and asset plans are required. Well I don’t know what is the difference between them however I have set a program or a plan for what I would do in the 12 groups of schools so I guess this is the asked plans so if this is the case I am just struggling with the asset management strategy. So I want someone who can help me to write the asset management strategy and the contact that include stakeholders and risks. he doesn’t want anything to be repeated from the brief he just needs new information to be written. like no definition at all or we can write just a bit of definition for the policy and then just referred it to our case study. he wants that is to be written in a way like before implementing the plan and after implementing the plan. The risks before is like delay in getting the approvall, disagreements from parents to move their kids to another school because I did this, inefficient information and pricing that are not precisely defined, lack of budget and assumptions due to lack in info.
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