For your writing assignment for unit 6, use the readings from the unit and outsi

For your writing assignment for unit 6, use the readings from the unit and outside sources to think about the inclusive classroom and grouping arrangements for students. Adapt the chart below to relate grouping techniques to classroom subject domains and learning activities. Ideal groups can change for each subject domain. Reflect upon what an educator anticipates an inclusive class to need. Follow the format provided below and note the grade or age range level, subject, activity, and grouping ideas, (see the example provided). Focus on a grade level or age range (early childhood, elementary, high school, etc.) of instructional choice. Select three subjects. For each subject list and briefly describe a learning activity related to that subject. Describe two grouping arrangements for each activity listed. When the chart is completed, it will contain a total of three subjects listed, three activities listed (one per subject), and six grouping arrangements listed (2 per activity). Let’s focus on first grade<
Your written assignment should include a brief introduction and a brief conclusion. Submit a paper which is 2-3 pages in length, exclusive of the reference and title page, double-spaced using 12 point and Times New Roman font. Cite at least 2 of the unit readings in APA format. Check all content for grammar, spelling, and be sure you have properly cited all resources used in APA format. <
Cohen, R. & Barczyk, R. (2015). Adapting materials to meet your classroom needs [Presentation slides]. American English.<
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