For this assignment, you will choose qualitative data methods, and you will crea

For this assignment, you will choose qualitative data methods, and you will create the method for your research topic. You will then carry out your method for inclusion in your research paper. Some of the methods will not be appropriate for every topic.
You should choose one of the following methods:
Survey (either paper or using something like SurveyMonkey; you would submit questions and a summary of answers)
Interview (you would submit your questions and answers)
Focus group (you would submit your questions and answers)
Field observation (unobtrusive observation; you would submit your descriiption about what you saw, where you went, who you saw, etc.)
Analysis (document, historical or content; you would submit your summary of what you found in your analysis)
Think about what is most appropriate for your topic. For example, a personal kind of topic would probably better be served with an interview. In a paper about technology usage, an observation at a park or a mall might work for your research piece. If you are unsure of what would work best, please email me.
What you write for this assignment could potentially be used in the final research paper. Editing counts.
This is what the field research paper is revolves around:
Research Question: What is the correlation between abortion-making decisions and gender roles?
Position Statement: Studies show that the lack of equal education and responsibility play a role in gender roles being a factor in abortion deciding making
Draft Thesis: Abortion decision-making and gender have a strong correlation due to gender roles.

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