FINAL PROJECT (WRITTEN) Please put yourself in the position of the new CEO of a

Please put yourself in the position of the new CEO of a U.S. Florida state tourism board
(Or at regional level for another country), in charge of delivering the new state’s tourism advertising and public relations strategy for the upcoming three years. This document is intended to be presented, for validation and budget approval, to the relevant authorities at state level (Executive branch: Governor and Legislative branch: state House and Senate) who are funding the Tourism board.
In a thirty pages document that could include text, images, graphics or embedded videos, the students must present a coherent advertising and PR strategy that includes:
-Definition of the strategic target audiences (age, travel behavior, city of residence, nationality…)
-Creating/refreshing the new narrative about the state’s tourism offers
-Creation of the new visuals (images & videos) for the advertising
-Selection of travel media (magazines, travel blogs, Youtube personalities…)
-New Press kits for travel journalists
-Social media strategy (selection of relevant social media networks and appropriate advertisement strategy)
-Initiatives to attract diverse groups of travelers
-Coordination with the state’s main hotels and resorts
-Coordination with the state main cities exiting advertising and PR efforts (minimize overlapping)
-PR events in U.S. main cities
-International PR events in selected countries
-Coordination with the film industry to promote the state’s appearance in upcoming films
-Choice of in-house or outsourced execution of some parts of the campaign (and why)
Students will be asked to take into considerations the situation created by the COVID-19 in the state they will have selected, analyzing how the state should make adjustments to its public relations campaign during the post-Covid recovery period in late 2021 and 2022.
The document shall be given under digital form (35%)

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