explicate the following passage, analyzing it critically “Florence contributed t

explicate the following passage, analyzing it critically
“Florence contributed the greatest benefit to all of Europe, when it first asked the teachers of Greek letters, expelled from their fatherland, to sojourn with them. … The emulation of the Greeks stimulated also the Latins to restore their native language, which had almost totally gone to ruin. Public laws have been emended in the cities, finally religion, which previously lay buried and suppressed by the drama of the monks, has been cleansed. For this reason, … good men discern the power and nature of religion more rightly and have at this time surer consolations of conscience than those were which the monks offered a short time ago. There is therefore no doubt that Florence, which, as it were, rescued letters from shipwreck, brought them to port, and preserved them, is very clearly deserving of all nations.
“According to the example of that city you [i.e., members of the Nuremberg city council, which established the new school] are protecting good arts in these miserable times, when bishops resort to arms instead of letters and other princes regard this concern unworthy of them, & Germany is everywhere in tumult and calls to arms. … If God does not sustain and give to those who control affairs a mind to restore the interests in letters, all good arts are threatened with ruin in these disturbances.”
—from Philipp Melanchthon, In Praise of a New School, an oration delivered in Nuremberg (1526)

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