Each sector of business activity has been greatly impacted by the COVID-19 outbr

Each sector of business activity has been greatly impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. The force of this outbreak has impacted individuals, families, businesses and government services in many ways. Each sector of activity has been impacted or will be impacted to varying degrees.
Your task is to identify five (5) key players (business or other organizations) that are part of your sector of activity and describe how they have been and may be impacted by the outbreak. In the context of this project, a player is defined as any business, group, industry or other entity that actively participates in that specific area of activity. For example, in the Tourism industry, players could be Travel Agencies, Airlines, Hotels, Insurance companies, etc. In accounting and payroll, examples of players could be the stock markets, Government agencies such as Employment Insurance, self-employed individuals, or businesses in general.
Keep in mind that regardless of your industry, there are some players that may be common to more than one program.
Each player will be impacted to varying degrees along several fronts. Below is a list of nine areas or factors that players may face challenges with or require coping strategies. For each player, select five different factors that you wish to research and present.
1. Economic / financial challenges
2. Sales and Marketing challenges
3. Human resources and payroll challenges
4. Legal impacts
5. Communication challenges and strategies
6. Adaptive strategies ( during the crisis)
7. Emergency response challenges and strategies
8. Rebounding strategies ( after the crisis)
9. General societal issues and challenges ( e.g. health care system ability to cope)

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