choose one of the series that we have screened in class since the middle of the

choose one of the series that we have screened in class since the middle of the semester:
– The Young Royals (Rojda Sekersöz/Erika Calmeyer),
two other series :
– We Are Who We Are (Luca Guadagnino),
– I May Destroy You (Michaela Coel),
Focus your discussion on the ways in which these three series present a comparative (or contrasting or complex) view of ONE thematic or cinematic element, revealing your specific argument early in your paper. You might, perhaps, want to make an argument that deals with one technical aspect of these series (cinematic elements such as light, camera, costume, props, editing, sound, performance, narrative structure, etc.), or engage in a discussion of depictions of a specific thematic: nation, power/imperialism, gender, race, war, class, etc. FOCUS ON ONE TOPIC! REMEMBER! This is not a contest between different narrative structures!!
Discuss two specific scenes from each series to support your main point. Discuss one series at a time fully before moving on to the next one. Your comparison should be part of your conclusion. Be sure to engage at least four of our readings (or three outside scholarly sources—NO INTERNET ARTICLES!!) in your essay and quote from the texts to support/clarify/prove your argument.
Reading for show 1
Readings for show 2
Reading for show 3
Your essay should be about 6-8 pages in length. All essays should be in 12-font, double-spaced, and have standard 1” margins. This mid-term essay should (but doesn’t have to) serve as a rough draft for your final project in this course.

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