1 Service Paper Programme Time: 0.0 hours Preparation Time: 24.0 hours AIM To ha

1 Service Paper
Programme Time: 0.0 hours
Preparation Time: 24.0 hours
To have students demonstrate their understanding of component theory, principles, functions, and capability in writing.
This activity will demonstrate that the students can analyze component-specific information and relate it to component theory, principles, functions, and capability. It will demonstrate their ability to clearly provide information and express thought in a military writing style.
The following teaching points are to be addressed, and expanded upon, during the conduct of this activity:
• Understand the theory and principles of component power, and recognize its current and future relevance.
• Understand component functions.
• Understand the direction of RCN, CA, RCAF, and CANSOFCOM doctrine and its impact on future warfare.
• Understand RCN, CA, RCAF, and CANSOFCOM doctrine, and recognize the gaps between doctrine and capability.
• Understand the impact of technology on the components, and its application in, and impact on, component functions.
Students are required to write and submit a Service Paper of 2,400 words in English or 2,760 words in French, preferably based on a question contained within the JCSP Research Topic List. Students can anticipate that this list will include issues that are relevant to the respective components. The topics will be of interest to the senior leadership within the components. Hence, students should be aware that selected DS545 Service Papers might be forwarded to the appropriate elements within the CAF. DS concurrence is required for the proposed question to be examined within the topic selection in order to ensure scope and relevance. If a student wishes to write on a subject not contained within the list, they must have DS review their topic to ensure that it is appropriate to the aim and scope of the activity.
The content of the Service Paper is to be original. It shall demonstrate that the topic selected is clearly understood and is placed in context with respect to component functions and capability. Attribution shall be in accordance with normal CAF practices.
Students are expected to conduct their own research and to select references that will best support their recommendations for the question considered within the paper. Many of the resources for activities within this course will be helpful to support student arguments. Additionally, students are expected to utilize their own expertise and knowledge to support their rationale.
The JCSP Research Topic List will be available on CFCLearn.
A Service Paper of 2,400 words (2,760 words in French). This Service Paper will be written in accordance with Staff and Writing Procedures for The Department of National Defence and The Canadian Forces
Submitted Service Papers will be assessed in accordance with the Military Writing Assessment Template

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