1. Choose at least one of the following films / television programs to watch in

1. Choose at least one of the following films / television programs to watch in its entirety (the whole thing):
The Vote (PBS 2-Part Film – streaming free on PBS website)
Mrs. America (FX TV Program – check HULU for streaming)
On the Basis of Sex (2018)
Iron Jawed Angels (2004) (check Youtube for free options)
Chisholm 72: Unbought and Unbossed (2004)
Dolores. Directed by Peter Bratt. Ro*Co Films, 2017. https://video.alexanderstreet.com/watch/Dolores.
(currently available for free using AVON & your CCNY login. See link below.)
RBG. Directed by Julie Cohen and Betsy West. Ro*Co Films, 2018. https://video.alexanderstreet.com/watch/RBG.
(currently available for free using AVON & your CCNY login. See link below.
To Access Alexander Street (AVON) videos use this link and your CCNY password to login. Link: https://library.ccny.cuny.edu/AVON.
2. Read the relevant chapter or chapters in the Foner textbook that cover the subject / time period in the film you have chosen.
While you are reading take notice of how many examples given are of men and how many are of women. When women are mentioned, are they mentioned by name? How many details are given?
3. Compare how the subject is covered in the film and textbook.
4. Review the additional material on the same subject that is included in the course packs and class assignments. You may also want to do your own research on the subject you have chosen.
As you research the individual sub-topics that are included think about these questions: Who are the women that are mentioned in the textbook chapter? What more can you find out about them? What sections of the chapter do not mention any women? Who are the women who are being ignored? For example, in chapter 17 Foner describes the Anti-Imperialist League and gives a list of prominent members – all men. This descriiption gives the impression that the league was an all-male organization, but the league included many women, including a women’s auxiliary.
5. Write a critical essay analyzing how the topic is portrayed in the textbook (good, bad, indifferent, etc.) Identify strengths, and make suggestions for improvement – things to add, things to subtract, things to rephrase, etc. Rewrite relevant sections of the textbook as needed.
Describe what examples you would replace or simply add new examples to various sections of the chapter highlighting the contributions of women.
You may also describe how you might expand existing examples of women by adding more details.
Chapter sections might be re-organized, instead of including women as the last example, they could be moved to the first example.
Wording might be changed, instead of a sentence that reads “women also participated” you might write “men and women participated.”

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