1) Begin with “Dear [former/future] self, X years old” (where X is the age of yo

1) Begin with “Dear [former/future] self, X years old” (where X is the age of yourself at which you imagine them reading this) (2) Include a paragraph telling yourself what past situation or aspect of your own life you are remembering as you write OR tell yourself what kinds of challenges you are thinking about as you write (3) The rest of the paper should tell your past OR future self what you wish they knew/remembered from this course AND WHY …. I want to be a psychiatric nurse practictioner (4) This should be supported by at least two of our authors, with quotes or paraphrases; use specific concepts/terms from the course where appropriate; these should be well integrated into the surrounding text and you should tell yourself why they are important. USE Thinking Critically About Abortion Why Most Abortions Aren’t Wrong & Why All Abortions Should Be Legal by Nathan Nobis & Kristina Grob,The Shocking Ways Large Women Are Mistreated by Health-Care Providers By Kelly Coffey, Racial Bias in Health Care and Health Challenges and Opportunities by David Williams.(article attached) While this assignment is reflective, it is not a “freebie.” You must engage with the concepts in the text in a nuanced and meaningful way. You are also expected to accurately represent course content. (So if there is a reading you still feel like you really don’t understand, don’t write about that one!) PRO TIP: Be kind to yourself, even as you do yourself this favor of telling yourself what you wish you’d known OR will remember. Length: 1200-1500 words

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