 Coursework 2 requires you to write a full business plan based on the business

 Coursework 2 requires you to write a full business plan based on the business idea you proposed for
The following must be included in your business plan:
 Your Proposed Future Business. – What is the product/service (i.e. provide a clear description)? What
does it do? What innovations does your idea bring to the market? Appropriate intellectual property
rights (IPR) in order to protect your business idea/enterprise, if applicable
 Customers – identify your target customers. B2B or B2C? Who are the end-users? Who will buy your
product/service? What is the USP of product/service? What customer needs does the
product/service meet? The underpinning research for the target market and an evaluation of the
businesses’ position in the market
 Competitors – who are your competitors for the product/service? What market share do your
competitors have? Why might your customers buy your product/service rather than that of the
 Skills analysis – what skills do you have for developing and taking your business idea forward? What
skills do you need? How will you address any skills gaps that you might have?
 Projected 2 year profit and loss account and proposed 2 years cash flow forecasts including break
 Finding, evaluating and selecting suitable sources of funding to grow the business opportunity
 Your plans for obtaining your resources, both tangible and intangible between now and either 1-2 year
ahead. This should include a breakdown of your start-up costs.
 The type of organisation and the management information systems required to effectively control the
 Vision for your Business Idea – what future does your business have?

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